Vienna, Austria



  • covering the must sights:
  • “Manner” store at the beginning of the “Rothenturmstrasse” at the end of “Stephansplatz” to buy Vienna’s famous waffles
  • Hipsters area – Neubau, 7th district
  • Schoenbrunn Park – the park that surrounds the summer resident castle is amazing. There is also a zoo and a nice coffee place – “Gloriette” – on the top of the hill. It is worth climbing since from the Hill you will have a nice few of Vienna.
  • Burggarten – that is where the Palmenhaus is.
  • Just walk through the inner city – lovely
  • Along the old canal of the danube are some summer beach cafes: TLV Beach, Rainer’s Bar etc – where yo can sit in the sand and enjoy drinks (during the day and at night)


  • Motto am Fluss – for Breakfast/lunch/diner/cocktails, make reservation for the terrace of the Cafe
  • Kunsthallen Cafe – for Breakfast/lunch/diner/cocktails, make reservation on the terrace
  • MQ – The Museum Quarter, full of Modern Art Museums and and amazing area to sit outside for brunch/lunch/dinner/cocktails
  • Palmenhaus – for coffee/lunch/dinner/cocktails, renovated old Palm tree house – roof of glass – situated in a park where the Viennese chill out in the summer.
  • Naschmarkt (Deli’s, Nemi’s, Nauticus) – it is a luxury Deli market with many small restaurants and bars – nothing like a shuck but modern, hip, clean and good food/drinks and Deli shops (try Neni’s or Deli’s)
  • Figlmueller – a classic! Most famous “Schnitzel House in the world!
  • Rathausplatz – Wr Festwochen
    on the square in front of the City Hall you currently will find food stands from 23 different countries as part of the Theatre festival. On a big screen you will be able to watch operas, concerts etc and eat and drink at the huts. The food is of good quality and famous restaurants pay a lot of money to get a stand there in the summer.
  • Sacher – world famous Hotel that also has a world famous coffee place. They have the world famous Sacher Torte (chocolate cake). it is worth going to the coffee house inside the hotel and have a coffee just to see the interior design
    Demel – they compete with Sacher – for centuries there is a fight between the 2 of them who invented the so called sac her Torte – I say try them both – they are both amazing and both coffee houses are a must – see also in terms of interior design. At demel you will also have a chance to watch them making the cakes through a window in the staircase.
  • Aida – it is a famous code franchise – not so cool to sit but they have the best Creme Schitten and “Punschkrapfen” – a punsh cake with a pink sugar coating. Also – to my opinion they have the best “Topfengulatschen” – a sweet cheese pastry.
  • Grinsteindl – famous coffee place (right next to Demel) where they also have typical Austrian dishes.
  • Landtmann – another of Vieanna’s most famous coffee places
  • Hawelka – another of Vieanna’s most famous coffee places, it is also Vienna’s oldest coffee place and famous for its “Buckteln” – sweet dish with jam inside.
  • Kleines Cafe – Vienna’s smallest coffe place and one of my personal favorites – you can also sit outside on the little square.
  • Immervoll – great traditional Austrian dishes in a nice atmosphere in the inner city – live that place.
  • Meinl am Graben – it is a 3 level deli store which you have to see – on the second level is also a high end restaurant. you can eat small snacks in the coffee place on the ground level (terrace)


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